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A deeper look at the Statement of Faith

Holiness of life and conduct

The holiness of God has different aspects:-

His self completeness, all his attributes combining in one wholeness.

His perfection

His separateness from his creation

His purity, his involvement in his creation

His providence, “Be ye holy, for I am holy”

The believer’s holiness is a reflection of God’s. It is a separation from the old life and its sins - sanctification, it is a manifestation of the new life and its service - consecration, it is a progression towards maturity - Christian perfection. Sanctification is a twofold work. From God’s side we are sanctified by the spirit, through the word, on the grounds of the atonement of Christ. From our side we exercise faith and discipline. Sanctification begins with regeneration, progresses in conformity to the will of God, and is consummated at the second advent.

Christians are saints positionally, in that union with Christ separates us from the world and brings us into the family of God; potentially, in that by the grace of God all the possibilities of the Christ-life can develop in us; practically, in that obedience to the word of God will occasion our living what we believe. Sanctification is walking in the light of God, showing the love of God, and living the life of God. It is not sinless perfection. The clash of the believer’s two natures often produces a struggle, and calls for drastic measures of self-control. But victory is assured. Although beset by sin it is possible for a believer to live without sinning, to the glory of God.

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