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A deeper look at the Statement of Faith

Divine healing

God’s salvation provides for soul and body, there is healing as well as forgiveness with Him. The Lord revealed himself to Israel as the divine physician - Jehovah Ropheka “the Lord that healeth thee”. When the prophets spoke of the coming deliverer - the Messiah - they predicted that he would heal the sick. In some strange and wonderful way, healing would be wrapped up in his atonement.

All this the Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled in his ministry, and by his death and resurrection. As by sin came sickness and death, even so by redemption came forgiveness and healing. Divine healing demonstrates the Lordship of Christ over disease; emphasises the provision of the atonement; shows that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever; extols the victory of Christ over the works of the devil; endorses the word of the gospel; exhibits the triumphs of the Spirit of life over morality; magnifies the mercy of God; and, as gifts of healing, glorifies the grace of God.

There are two aspects of healing: evangelistic healing, where signs follow the preaching of the word; and ecclesiastical healing, where believers pray for one another. With this latter is associated the simple ceremony of anointing with oil, accompanied with the prayer of the Elders of the church. Two requisites for receiving healing are prayer and faith - that is, the approach to God and the appropriation of his provision. Over all, however, is the sovereign will of God, who dispenses blessing according to his own wisdom and purpose.

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