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A deeper look at the Statement of Faith

Salvation by Faith

Seven terms are used to describe God’s saving work in the believer.

Justification gives us a new standing before God. Our sinful past is blotted out; we experience pardon and peace with God.

Redemption, our sins are forgiven through the atoning death of Christ: His precious blood cleanses us from all sin.

Regeneration, we are born again by an instantaneous and complete operation of the Holy Spirit upon initial faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Conversion, we turn to God from our sinful lives.

Illumination, our lives are brightened with love, our minds with the knowledge of Christ, and our hearts with hope.

Sanctification, we begin to live a life separated from sin and consecrated to God.

Glorification, the final issue of our salvation is to be made like him.

Salvation is by grace, that is, it is a free unmerited gift of God. It is not a product of good works - it is an act of God. Salvation is by faith; we are called upon to credit the divine testimony that Jesus died on the Cross for us, we must then commit our lives to God in trustful obedience. The normal stages of salvation are conviction, a sense of sinfulness and need which come by “hearing the Word”; contrition, that sorrow for sin and longing for salvation included in the term “repentance”; confession, admission to God of our sinful ways, calling on the name of the Lord in prayer and trustful faith.

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