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River Ministries (Norfolk)

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A deeper look at the Statement of Faith

A deeper look at doctrine

Here are our essential doctrines made simple to understand and easy to read

Belief and Experience
Revelation and Reason
The Infallible Book
What is God Like?
The incomparable Christ
Man, a Fallen Creature
Salvation by Faith
Baptism By Immersion in Water
The Baptism In The Holy Spirit
Spiritual Gifts And Ministries
Divine healing
Holiness of life and conduct
The breaking of Bread
Human destiny
The Bible and You

It is always important to remember that these doctrine are best experienced in the relationship found in the local church. It is important that every Christian not only becomes a member of a local church but is willing to be a willing, active, functioning part of the body of Christ.

The importance of the church as an environment for the maturing of the saints can never be under-estimated. Please see the importance of membership page


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