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An introduction to the ministries of Watton Pentecostal Church

An Introduction

We believe that everybody can do something for the benefit of the church and the Kingdom of God. Church is about being a part, participating, it is not a spectator pastime.

Everyone has a special gift and the church needs each gift to fulfill its purpose. Imagine an orchestra where some instrumentalists sat through a concert and never played! Imagine a gathering of a dozen Christians conducted where some opted out of making a contribution. We have a duty to serve.

Serving in the church is not an optional extra or a responsibility to be fulfilled only when it is convenient. As a church we often work with other churches and organisations to fulfill our purpose.

praying for the childrenThe Ministries of the Church

Christian ministry is just another way of serving or participating in the purpose of the church. The church works in the local community and those ministries can be seen at working in the community

The wider ministries of the church are:

Arise Women's Ministry - a group of ordinary women who have attempted to do extraordinary things for our God through 'Arise Women's Ministry'.

Together For God - the aim of Together for God is that mutually beneficial relationships be fostered between local churches in India and England.

Watton on the Web - is a Christian resource centre is an attractive magazine style format, that makes the information receivable yet without compromise to the quality.

Worship Team - The worship team seeks to promote worship and to release peoples unique contribution in worship.

Teaching - we seek to make available quality teaching provided in a way to encourage people into action and to release ministries for the common good.