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Diary Dates

Keep in touch any way you canKeeping in touch

A good way to keep in touch with all that is happening in the church is to look at the diary dates for the coming month.

Diary dates not only gives all the up to date information about events it also lets people know about changes to the programme.



Watton Pentecostal Church 2001Diary Dates Archive

Diary Dates not only contains the events of the month and changes to the normal programme. It also contains the bible study for the mid-week groups and the Sunday morning meetings.

July 2022 Chosen to reproduce
June 2022 Jubilee
May 2022 God's Light
April 2022 Easter
March 2022 Compassion
February 2022 Rediscover Love
January 2022 New Beginings
December 2021 The Feast of Christmas
November 2021 A closer look at James
October 2021 Believer's Baptism
September 2021 The meaning of Membership
August 2021 Celebration
July 2021 The Roadmap
June 2021 The Book of Acts
May 2021 Pentecost: A New Day
April 2021 The Easter Story
March 2021 The Keys to Entering In
February 2021 Giving the Key to Everything
January 2021 Coming of Age
December 2020 The Joy of Christmas
November 2020 Sharing the Good News
October 2020 Preparation for the Bride
September 2020 Let Us Pray
August 2020 Living the life
July 2020 Walking the Walk
June 2020 Freedom and Provision week 4
June 2020 Freedom and Provision week 3
June 2020 Freedom and Provision week 2
June 2020 Freedom and Provision week 1
May 2020 God's Peace week 5
May 2020 God's Peace week 4
May 2020 God's Peace week 3
May 2020 God's Peace week 2
May 2020 God's Peace week 1
April 2020 The Journey
March 2020 20-20 Vision
February 2020 Touched by the Master
January 2020 Having a high opinion of Ourselves
December 2019 The Greatest Gift
November 2019 Gems from Philippians
October 2019 Ruth
September 2019 Opening Hebrews
August 2019 Arise
July 2019 Life
June 2019 Living Hope
May 2019 Purpose
April 2019 Letters to the Churches
March 2019 God's Wisdom
February 2019 Understanding the Bible
January 2019 Prayer
December 2018 Discovering Christmas
November 2018 The promises of God
October 2018 It's a war out there.
September 2018 Peace
August 2018 Joy
July 2018 The Love of God
June 2018 Assurrance and the Hope of our salvation
May 2018 Grace
April 2018 Life Wins
March 2018 Ready Steady Change
February 2018 Forgiveness
January 2018 Faith
December 2017 Light in the Darkness
November 2017 Our Church Values: Integrity
October 2017 Our Church Values: Love
September 2017 Preparing People
August 2017 Caring for People
July 2017 Sharing the Good News
June 2017 Worship God
May 2017 Portraits of Jesus
April 2017 Pictures of the Cross
March 2017 The Depths of Discipleship
February 2017 Foundations of our Faith
January 2017 Feeling Good 2017
December 2016 Jesus at the heart of Christmas
November 2016 If Life is a bowl of fruit why be a lemon?
October 2016 Changed by the Master's touch
September 2016 Wonderful to us
August 2016 Ask, Seek, Knock
July 2016 Devoted Discipleship
June 2016 King of Kings
May 2016 Restoring the church
April 2016 An Everyday Life of Faith
March 2016 The Passion of Christ
February 2016 The Foundations of our Faith
January 2016 Drawing closer to the Father
December 2015 Might there be more to Christmas
Oct & Nov 2015 The Big Top - One Event
September 2015 Sharing your Story
August 2015 Awesome August
July 2015 Going & Growing in the right direction
June 2015 50 days of Transformation part 2
May 2015 50 Days of Transformation part 1
April 2015 Mission Impossible
March 2015 Sing with me
February 2015 Living a spacious life
January 2015 Riding the wave
December 2014 Immanuel God with us
November 2014 Meaningful Church Membership
October 2014 Bodybuilding
September 2014 Growing into prayer- praying into growth
August 2014 Jesus spoke in Parables
July 2014 Stories from the Mission Field
June 2014 Don't Look Back
May 2014 Let Us Start Rebuilding
April 2014 The Easter Story
March 2014 Commissioned by Christ
February 2014 Seeing Visions and Dreaming Dreams
January 2014 The Purpose and Passion of our Church
December 2013 Jesus the light of Christmas
November 2013 Christ alone Cornerstone
October 2013 Whatever happened to Heaven and Hell
September 2013 Christian Freedom
August 2013 Holy Communion
July 2013 Grace
June 2013 God's fellow workers
May 2013 The Captain of our Salvation
April 2013 In his presence
March 2013 The cross seen through the eyes of others
February 2013 The priority of personal development
January 2013 The Gift of the Gospel
December 2012 Christmas all wrapped up
November 2012 In Praise of the Lord
October 2012 Unity by Grace
September 2012 Giving to God
August 2012 Heaven, I'm in Heaven
July 2012 Living an abundant Life
June 2012 Heavenly Places
May 2012 The Greeting to the Ephesians
April 2012 The importance of open doors
March 2012 Romans 12
February 2012  Being a Christian in the 21st Century
January 2012 Restoration
December 2011 Good News of Great Joy
November 1011 At home with God
October 2011 Reward for obedience
September 2011 Jesus Christ and His Church
August 2011 The Christ of Prophecy
July 2011 A Pilgrimage to Intimacy with God
June 2011 Walking with Jesus as a disciple
May 2011 Living as a disciple of Jesus Christ
April 2011 The symbol of the cross
March 2011 What about Jesus
February 2011 Learning from the seven churches in the province of Asia Part 2
January 2011 Learning from the seven churches in the province of Asia Part 1
December 2010 Jesus God's gift at Christmas
November 2010 The early ministry of Jesus
October 2010 Leaving a Legacy of Love
September 2010 Crossing the Threshold
August 2010 I'll never be the same again
July 2010 A heart after God
June 2010 The authentic marks of the Holy Spirit
May 2010 In Christ
April 2010 The evidence of Easter
March 2010 1 2 One
February 2010 Sing a Song
January 2010 new beginnings
December 2009 The joy of the Season to you
November 2009 Wonderful Jesus
October 2009 Joel a minor prophet
September 2009 Good News Chapter Luke 10
August 2009 The Importance of People
July 2009 Making friends and influencing people
June 2009 The Heritage of the Hymn Writers
May 2009 Feasts and Festivals of the Old Testament
April 2009 Pictures of the cross
March 2009   Looking at the Lord's Prayer
February 2009 Pictures of humanity
January 2009 Release the Dream
December 2008 Follow the Star
November 2008 Intimacy
October 2008 Fruitfulness
September 2008 The Supremacy of Christ
August 2008 Life
July 2008 Understanding Parables Mark 4
June 2008 Faith: A mindset of miracles
May 2008 A Chapter in the life of Jesus. John 14
April 2008 Mission Matters
March 2008 The Passion
February 2008 A chapter in the life of Christ: John 4
January 2008 Who are you?
December 2007 He was called
November 2007
October 2007
September 2007
Lessons from everyday life study
August 200 Moments in Mission study
July 2007 What do you see? study
June 2007 Chords from David's harp study
May 2007 Worthy Women study
April 2007 The Power of the Cross study
March 2007 Heart of a servant study
February 2007 Follow Me study