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Help Page

puzzling over questionsHelping if we can

Watton Pentecostal Church seeks to help everyone to find information and to discover their full potential as a person and their purpose in life.

Rather than puzzle over a question or problem, why not ask a friend? you can contact us from the contact us page

You may want to look at the frequently asked questions page which often answers the questions that folk have.

There is also the site map of the web site that will help you find the part of the web site you would like to visit.

Waiting for help to arriveWhere to go

You may need to go further a field to get the help you need or your question answered, may we suggest the following:

A Question of Ethics - looks at a Christian perspective of issues like abortion, alcoholism, euthanasia, genetics, etc. Read more

The Drug Factfile - a guide for worried parents, teenagers who are using drugs or thinking about using drugs and anyone who wants to know more about the subject. Read more

Surviving Together - We hope that "SURVIVING TOGETHER" will enable those working in the field of abuse to play a significant part in helping to protect children, to pastor wisely and to provide inspiration and support to survivors of abuse. Read more

A Place of Prophecy - Place of Prophecy looks at post Pentecost prophecy and its administration in the church of the twenty first century. Read more

Christian Resources - Free Christian resources including Clipart, worship teaching, encouragement in women's ministry and Bible studies. Read more

REMEMBER: you can always go to your local church and speak to the pastor or priest to get help and assistance.