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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a collection of frequently asked questions about Watton Pentecostal Church. Over the coming months we will be adding more questions and answers to this page.

1. How did your church start?
 Check out our story on the church history page.

2. I don't have a church background and know nothing about the Bible. How would I fit in?
You would fit in just fine. And there are a lot of people just like you in the church and they are excited because the Bible is coming alive to them. Everything is done in a way so everyone can understand and no one is embarrassed.

3. How do I become a christian?
If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be Lord and Saviour of your life then we suggest you read " how do I become a christian ?" in the just curious page.

4. How do I get to the church?
Directions to the church may be found at this page "how to find us"

5. How do I contact the church
You can find all the information by visiting our "contacts" page

6. What time are the services
All the times of the services may be found at our "introduction to services" page

7. What sort of church is the Pentecostal Church
Pentecostals are part of the mainstream Christian Church world-wide and are the fastest growing group of Christians who today number well over 500 million world-wide. Pentecostal churches are part of the fellowship of evangelical churches which place a distinct emphasis on the need for the Holy Spirit's empowerment in their worship, work and witness. For more information see the "about us" page

8. What does the church believe
The Church has basic Christian beliefs and standards, please look at the statement of faith for more information

9. How do I find out the latest information about Watton Pentecostal Church?
The page "Latest News" is regularly updated and keeps members and visitors in touch with everything

10. I have a question not listed here what do I do?
Please contact us to ask any question and if we are able to answer it we will and if not we will tell you and try to find an answer for you. You can use the form that is accessible from the "contacts" page