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About Watton Pentecostal Church

Introducing Watton Pentecostal Church

We are an independent and self-funded church affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance, which is a mainstream grouping of like-minded Christian churches. The Pentecostal Movement numbers over 500 million world-wide and it is the fastest growing religious group in the world.

Approximately 25% of all Christians world-wide are Pentecostal.

The Church started 1st January 2000. A new church for a new millennium.

The leaders of the church

The church is led by men and women who are chosen by God and who have taken on the responsibility to act as trustees of the charity River Ministries (Norfolk)

The leadership is led by the pastors of the church and please allow us to introduces the leadership to you.

The history of the church

The church building was built in 1856 and was originally a congregational church, which was purchased by the local elders of Watton AOG in 1977.

There were two Assemblies of God churches in Watton, They worked together and the two leaderships were friends. Late 1999 Chris the Pastor of Watton AOG suggested that the two churches join together. After several meetings it was agreed that the two churches would become one. As the leaders prayed for God's guidance, someone prophesied about two stream joining together and becoming one river but that the river was greater than the whole of the two streams.

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What we believe

What we believe is important because it has a direct relationship to and influence over what we do.

We pray because we believe that God hears and answers our prayers. We forgive others because we believe that God in his mercy has forgiven us of so much more. I could go on but I think you would agree that what we believe affects our whole life and that one belief by necessity affects other beliefs. See the what we believe page for more information.